Company History


Heatwaves Tanning Kutztown

is a division of Heatwaves NG LLC.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of R. Hudson Carr, Inc 


R. Hudson Carr, Inc. is an Delaware Corporation formed in 2002.The company specializes is Resources, Management, Merchant Services, Technology, Consulting and Business Development. 

Robert H. Carr, Jr. is the founder and current President | CEO of R. Hudson Carr, Inc. Robert serves as the corporate operations officer with high visions of developing the already great Heatwaves branding to the next generation. Robert H. Carr, Jr. currently completed Smart Tan Master Certificate including UV tanning, Management, Employee Training, Spray Tanning. The corporation feels that there was a need to name Maria Carr currently VP of R. Hudson Carr, Inc. Maria Carr was named in the position of VP of Business Development. Maria will serve has the management bridge between the corporation and it's subsidiary company Heatwaves NG LLC.