Our Sanitization and Disfectant Policy


Step 1

After each session, our staff will spray the tanning bed used with a disinfectant solution and let the disinfectant solution sit for 60 seconds.

Step 2

The tanning bed surface is then wiped with a fresh cleaning cloth to remove the disinfectant and tanning lotion residue. The bed is sanitized at this point, but our staff goes another step for safely.

Step 3

For that extra safely our staff will spray the used tanning bed again and this time lets the disinfectant sit for another 5-10 minutes to achieve 100% disinfectant, killing 100% of bacteria, fungus and virus.

Step 4

Our staff completes these steps by wiping the remaining disinfectant from the surface of the bed. For added safely our staff will wipe down walls, door handles and anywhere in the room that may have been touched by prior tanners.

Our client health and welfare is important

Under the indoor tanning act all tanning salon are required to perform these tasks. We take sanitization and disinfectant very serious and will entertain any clients concern. 

Message From R. Hudson Carr, Inc. the managing parent company.